Haunted’ teen describes moment he held dead mum in arms just before Christmas

Bryan Colgan, 19, had knocked on his mum’s door for a catch-up, but when he got no answer he peered through the window to see her lifeless on the floor at her home in Farnworth, Bolton

A heartbroken teenager has recalled the moment he held his dead mother in his arms after discovering her body two weeks before Christmas.

Bryan Colgan had called round to his mum’s house in Farnworth, Bolton, for a catch up when he found Serena, 42, lifeless in Farnworth, Bolton, on December 12.

The 19-year-old made the tragic discovery when he knocked on the door but received no answer – prompting him to peer through the window of her ground-floor bedroom.

He frantically called an ambulance but it was already too late.

“I rushed over to her; I was feeling so weak,” Bryan told the Manchester Evening News.

“The paramedic said: ‘Darling, your mum has been gone a while,’ and I just broke down.

“I stayed with my mum from when I found her. It was haunting to see her like that.

“I kept her in my arms for as long as I could.

“I was sat talking to her for two hours, all the emergency services were there with me. They let me sit with her.”

Serena who had multiple sclerosis had been dead for several hours when she was discovered.

The cause of her death is unconfirmed but it is not believed to be suspicious.

Before falling ill, mum-of-two Serena had worked as a barmaid in several pubs across Bolton.

An avid combat sports fan, she loved watching boxing as well as having interests in singing and music.

New dad Bryan had been looking forward to spending his first Christmas together with his mum, girlfriend and seven-month-old son Rylee.

But now he says Christmas will “never be the same”.

“I’m finding it very hard every single day,” he added.

“I’m struggling. It’s so weird; she used to come around every day.

“She would do anything for me and my son. We were all looking forward to our first Christmas with Rylee.

“Christmas will never be the same. We would talk non-stop every day through social media and visits.

“She had a very special bond with me and my partner.”

Bryan, who works at Tesco, is currently off sick due to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

The teen has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for his mother’s funeral, which is set to take place on January 13.

Bryan says he has been left with the responsibility of organising the service and is struggling to raise the money needed.

So far he’s raised £1,605 to help give Serena the “best send-off”.

Bryan continued: “My girlfriend keeps me going and everyone online saying nice things about her.

“I believe we’re all going to the same place one day.”