Kind hairdresser saves woman’s hair after ‘botched’ £300 extensions left her with mullet

A woman claims she will be ‘forever grateful’ after a kind-hearted hairdresser saved her hair, following ‘botched’ extensions costing £300 that left her with a mullet

For many people, their hair can be their pride and joy and if they’re having a bad hair day, their whole mood can be impacted.

One woman has shared how she was left feeling devastated after paying £300 and spending five hours in a salon chair, only to be left with ‘botched’ hair extensions and a mullet-style mop on top.

Breast cancer survivor Danielle Welbourne told Hull Live all about the ordeal and how a kind-hearted hairdresser has saved the day.

The nurse recalled how she visited a salon in Hessle in early December and felt like crying after her appointment.

After losing her full head of hair to chemotherapy months earlier, Danielle had splurged £300 on ombre hair extensions with Hull-based Coco Couture Hair Extensions and Beauty.

At the time she was unaware that a Facebook group had been created detailing customers’ terrible experiences.

She said: “I was quoted £300 overall for the job and I told her I’d have to ask my granddad for the money as it was a lot.

“When I got there, she just got a mix of blonde and brown hair and started doing them. It took five hours and by the end when I looked in the mirror, I was just so excited to see I had long hair that I didn’t think to look at the top.

“When I got home I was looking and she hadn’t even blended the top. It looks like a mullet.

“I just have no words for what they’ve done – she knew I was having to borrow that money.”

After complaining to the salon owner on Facebook, the 40-year-old mum claims she was told they’d done the job exactly as she’d asked and couldn’t have put in any more strands due to her hair’s natural thickness.

Danielle was meant to be returning to the original salon for a top piece following her first appointment but was so unhappy with the state of her hair, she decided not to.

Thankfully the owners of M-A Hairdressing in Beverly Road came to the rescue after seeing Danielle’s story online. They got in touch offering to fix her mullet – for free.

Stylist Amy Varley spent two hours using solution to dissolve the glue which had been used to bond Danielle’s extensions, leaving her in pain and another two hours adding the new extensions.

Danielle is now thrilled with her new look.

“I’m over the moon and feel like myself again,” she said. “I can’t express my gratitude enough.”

As a nurse, Danielle is required to tie her hair back during appointments and the botched extensions left her unable to do so.

She adds that M-A kindly saved her hair just in time for work.

“M-A contacted me just in time – they did it all before my next face-to-face appointment.”

The Mirror attempted to contact Coco Couture for comment, but its social media page appears to have been removed and no number is listed for the business.

Coco Couture has previously declined to comment on Danielle’s complaint, which has since been reported to Action Fraud for investigation.