Cocktail of the week: Rondo’s miso hungover – recipe

This one’s for the morning after the night before, when both mind and body are in need of a sharp slap to the chops to help get everything back on track. It’s a gin-based spin on the bloody mary that’s given some extra welly by the Korean chilli paste to make a particularly potent pick-me-up.

Miso hungover
Serves 1

25ml Worcestershire sauce
½ tsp gochujang paste
¼ tsp white miso paste
50ml gin – a good, floral one (we use The Botanist)
150ml good-quality tomato juice, or passata
1 stick celery, to garnish – a nice leafy one, ideally

Put the Worcestershire sauce, gochujang and miso in a blender and pulse three times, until well combined. Fill a highball glass or similar with ice, then pour in the gin and tomato juice. Add the miso mix, stir, garnish and serve.